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Pizza Crust Dough July 27, 2006

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Every Thursday is Pizza Night in our home.  I’ve found that, by Thursday night, we’re all tired and crabby and looking forward to the weekend (even if the weekend brings more craziness – hey! It’s still the weekend!).  Whatever I cooked for dinner on a Thursday night was met w groaning and whining.  Viola! Pizza!  The one thing everyone can agree on.

Often we have good old frozen pizza.  Other times it’s some variation of homemade, with the crust being a split open french loaf, leftover pitas from Holy Land Deli or dough made in the bread maker.

1 1/2 c water

2 T olive oil

2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

4 c flour (I usually do 1 c ww, 3 c bread flour)

4 tsp quick-rise or bread machine yeast

Add ingredients to bread machine, and mix according to manufacturer’s directions.  Shape dough into greased pan, top as desired and bake.  Also makes a good base for focaccia bread.


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  1. ali hussan Says:

    send more pizza respi

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