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Chicken Wild Rice Soup November 20, 2007

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1/2 c butter

1 finely chopped onion

1/2 c chopped celery

1/2 c sliced carrots

3/4 c all purpose flour

6 c chicken broth

2 c cooked wild rice

1 pound cooked and cubed chicken

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp mustard powder

1/2 tsp dried parsley

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 c slivered almonds

3 tbsp sherry

2 c half and half

 Melt butter in large saucepan over medium heat.  Stir in onions, celery and carrots; saute for 5 minutes.  Add flour and stir well.  Gradually pour in chicken broth, stirring constantly.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer.

Add the rice, chicken, salt, curry powder, mustard powder, parsley, black pepper, almonds and sherry.  Allow to heat through, then add the half and half.  Let simmer for 1 – 2 hours.  Do NOT boil or the roux will break.


Sticky Chicken July 24, 2007

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This recipe is posted so many places on the internet, I have no idea to whom credit is due on this one.  I usually prepare spice mixture, rub in on the whole chickens, then freeze until we’re ready to cook them.  I cook two birds at a time.  This recipe can be done in the crockpot, but is much better roasted in the oven.  I like it served, with the dripppings, with mashed potatoes or creamy polenta.

2 tsp salt

1 tsp paprika

3/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp thyme

1/2 tsp white pepper

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp black pepper

1 whole roasting chicken

1 whole onion

Combine spice ingredients in small bowl.

Rinse and drain chicken.

Rub spice mixture all over the skin of the chicken.

(this is where I freeze it)

Seal in a plastic ziploc bag, refrigerating overnight.

When ready to roast, stuff the whole, peeled onion in the cavity.

Roast uncovered, on a rack, at 250 degrees for 5 hours.


Chicken Wild Rice Salad June 3, 2007

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2/3 c light mayo

1/3 c nonfat plain yogurt

3 c cubed cooked chicken

3 c cooked wild rice

1/3 c sliced scallions

1 (8 oz) can sliced water chestnuts, drained

1/2 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

1 c seedless red grapes, halved

1 c sliced or slivered almonds

In large bowl, combine chicken, wild rice, scallions, water chestnuts, salt and pepper and grapes.  Blend mayo and yogurt together, stir into mixture until blended.  Refrigerate, covered, a few hours.  Stir in (or sprinkle on top) the almonds just before serving.


Crockpot Chicken Curry February 20, 2007

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8 – 10 chicken breasts (or cut up chicken pieces)

1 16 ounce jar salsa

1 chopped onion

2 tbsp curry powder

1 c plain yogurt (or sour cream)

Place chicken in crockpot. Add salsa, onion and curry powder. Cook for several hours in crockpot.  Stir in yogurt right before serving.  Serve over rice.


Chicken Enchiladas November 26, 2006

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 ½ c. chopped onion

 1 4 oz. can green chilies, drained – divided 

 3 Tbsp. butter – divided 

1/3 c. picante sauce

1 c. sour cream – divided

½ – 1 tsp. chili powder

2 ½ c. cooked cubed chicken (or turkey)

 2 c. shredded cheddar cheese – divided  

12 flour tortillas 

2 Tbsp. flour 

1 c. chicken or turkey broth 

 In glass bowl, combine the onions, 2 Tbsp. chilies and 1 Tbsp. butter. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Add picante sauce, ¼ c. sour cream and chili powder. Stir in chicken and ½ c. cheese.

Divide the mixture among tortillas. Roll tortillas; place seam side down in 13 x 9 inch dish. Set aside.

Microwave remaining 2 Tbsp. butter until melted. Blend in flour, then slowly stir in broth. Microwave on high 3-4 minutes until thickened, stirring every minute. Stir in the remaining sour cream and remaining chilies. Pour over enchiladas.  Top with remaining cheese.

Cover pan and freeze.

Thaw completely before baking.  Bake, covered, 60 minutes at 325.